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  • Honey bees usually protect themselves against germ or virus and prenets enemies like rats or wasps from intrusion by applying Propolis in the honey comb gaps.
    By doing so, they are able to maintain their suitable habitat for egg-laying, growth, as well as maturation and preservation of honey.
    Such Propolis has long been used as it is recorded to be used in ancient Egypt since approximately BC 300.
  • A French Doctor called Remmy Sauvin discovered a fact related to the remarkable function of Propolis While conducting a study on honey bees that did not carry bodily bacteria. What he found was the function of Propolis as natural antibiotics. Property of Propolis mainly consists of organic substances and minerals. Mineral vitamin, amino acid, fat, organic acid, flavonoid, etc., plays a critical role of cell metabolism and Terpenoids serves serve anticancer activities.
  • In Particular, over 100 kinds of flavonoid is greatly helpful for health promotion. Propolis is a substance produced by mixing resins collected from various kinds of plants with the saliva and enzymes of honey bees.


  • 50ml, 100ml

Original materials & ingredients

  • Propolis(Solid) 35%, Alcohol 55%, Refined Water 10%

Recommended use

  • For drink : Mix water 1L with propolis 3ml
  • For your skin : Apply after mixing in the same way of drink or put the mixture into the spray.