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Broad Bellflower Bonnet Bellflower Extract

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  • South Korea South Korea

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  • Broad Bellflower is a perennial herb. Its root has been used in Oriental medicine with the name "Platycodi Radix". It is an alkali-food whose taste when chewed is unique.
  • Broad Bellflower or Adenophorae Radix. It is often called "Ginseng grown in the mountains". It is a high-calorie food rich in nutrients, such as, protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamins, saponin, etc.
  • The Broad Bellflower & Bonnet Bellflower Extract, indigenous to Geogum Island in Goheung is now being cultivated in Gangsan Farm without using agrichemicals, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers. They are naturally fermented and matured in a Korea traditional jar surrounded by the sea wind. With the deep aroma of Broad Bellflower & Bonnet Bellflower Extract, this product holds the wisdom of our ancestors who protected their health with the help of nature.


  • 375ml

Original materals & ingredients

  • Broad Bellflower 40%, Bonnet Bellflower 20%, oligo saccharide 30%, raw sugar 10%

Recommended use

  • Drink by diluting Broad Bellflower & Bonnet Bellflower Extract in cold or warm water in the ratio of 1:5 for the whole day.
    For better taste and flavor, add ice.