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Wild Grass Tea

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[Gangsannongwon Co., Ltd.]

  • South Korea South Korea

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  • Various natural ingredients, such as plants, fruits, roots, seaweeds, mushrooms, and seed gathered from mountains, fields, and seas are matured in a traditional jar for more than six years. The nutritious ingredients from various plants are used to produce a health drink. It is mainly used as supplement to improve physical wellbeing.


  • 375ml

Original materials & ingredients

  • 50 kinds of wild grass (korea-grown)
    (water dropwort 8%, mugwort 8%, Shitake mushroom 8%, carrot 8%, broad bellflower 8%, pine leaves 1.4%, mulberry leaves, butterbur, aster, shepherd's purse, plantain(young leaves), dandelion(young leaves), persimmon leaves, hawksbeard, day lily, bamboo, shoot, barley sprout, Solomon's seal , stonecrop, ixeris, bonnet bellflower, Chinese quince, tomato, cucumber, grape, kiwi, pumpkin, plum, apple, pear, Junos orange, citron, aloe, angelica, Saururaceae, Heartleaf Houttuynia, Kale, garden beet, arrowroot(root), ginger, yam, burdock, lotus root, tangle, brown seaweed, laver seaweed fusiforme, Salicornia herbacea, ling chiu mushroom, Turkey tail, oligo saccharide, sugar)

Recommended use

  • Drink by diluting wild grass extract in cold or warm water in the ration of 1:5 for the whole day. For better taste and flavor, add ice.