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TTM Mineral

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[Gangsannongwon Co., Ltd.]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Importance of taking TTM Mineral

  • Minerals are essential micronutrients for the growth of cells. But they are seldom found in foods and may threaten health in case of shortage. The natural "Gene-based Trace Mineral" extracted through a special technology devised by Dr. Nojima Hisatake of Japan especially helps strengthen cells. They have natural healing powers needed by the human body in supplying abundant minerals needed by the cells. In Gangsan Farm, the products are made with these Japan-imported minerals. The minerals lacking in the body can be added to various foods and beverages.


  • 100ml

Original materials & ingredients

  • Jjapanes-made 100% - Mgcl2

Recommended use

  • For drink : Dilute wild grass extract with water (1:5)
    Mix 30 drops of TTM with the above diluted water.