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Opuntia Extract

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[Gangsannongwon Co., Ltd.]

  • South Korea South Korea

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  • Opuntia Jumifusa grown in Geogum Island in Goheung is directly cultivated in Gangsan Farm without using agrichemicals, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers. This traditional cactus has power to withstand challenges given by nature, like strong sea wind and freezing climate around 20 degrees below zero. It is fermented and matured in a traditional jar to produce a highly-concentrated extract.


  • 375ml

Original materials& ingredients

  • Opuntia Humifusa 60%, oligo saccharide 30%, raw sugar 10%

Recommended use

  • Drink by diluting opuntia extract in water in the ratio of 1:5

Opuntia Humifusa

  • Opuntia Humifusa is sometimes called 'palm cacuts' because it looks similar to the human hands. It is a kind of cactus grown only in korea. Unlike the cactus in the tropics and subtropics, it can withstand the challenges of the four seasons, like not being frozen during extremely cold climate.